We Are Rogue

We Are Rogue

We are blind to mediocrity. Creative Optimists. We plan to plan. We're enablers of magic. Lovers of light. Unafraid. Good talent fires us up.  We strive for flawlessness. We cross T's, dot I's, and then double check them. In short, our productions are a refined, sparkly, and refreshing experience...just like a bit of bubbly. 


mary elizabeth loncich

Mary Elizabeth grew up in Boston, MA and was fortunate to travel the world as a young girl, fostering her imagination and desire to always dream big. Ten years later, she is still dreaming big, producing and art directing for editorial and commercial photo and video shoots. She has had great success working as a wardrobe stylist, art director and producer for many brands, landmark retailers, and designers. Known for her “yes” attitude, keen eye for style, and bubbly personality, Mary Elizabeth is the person you want on your team. 




lisa shires

Lisa was never really interested in "conventional" and always craved "different"...so, she left her fuzzy cubicle and picked up a camera. After an adventurous run as an editorial photographer, she transitioned into photo and video production—a perfect balance of business and creative. Lisa has worked with agencies, directors and photographers and pulls from her breadth of experience to bring a creative mind and a bit of magic to every meticulously orchestrated shoot.

"it's not enough to be great...something extraordinary must be involved."